Concrete Kerb Square Tree Surrounds.

A combination of an experienced operator, kerbing machine and hand finishing is needed to produce these square tree surrounds.

Concrete Kerb Tree Surround 4

When made correctly they can add another dimension to your car park area as seen below.

Concrete Kerb Tree Surround

The above tree surround photos are featuring our concrete kerb sloping border shape, with a charcoal and black slate finish. The above car-park landscape project came out looking great. This was achieved by our operator who is in his 14th year as a fully qualified concrete kerb expert. The 90 degree corners on all the coloured concrete squares are finished by hand. We take great pride in all our work, whether it's a small home garden edging job around the flower bed, or a large commercial car park one, requiring several days to complete.

We travel to all the Melbourne Inner and outer Suburbs, we also are willing to travel to most parts of Victoria as well, so no matter where you are located please give us a call, you might be pleasantly surprised with our pricing structure.

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