These small tree surrounds were all created by hand and not machine.

NOTE: All currently available Edging Machines are incapable of producing tight corners and circles.
These must be hand formed and its the operators experience that will determine the finished product. So don't be fooled by inexperienced operators from other concrete kerb companies who claim they know what they're doing.

Hand Formed Concrete Kerb Tree Surround


The Tree Circle above is created with our concrete kerb sloping border, and it is ideal for running your motor mower around it to finish off you lawn landscape.

Below is another photo of a small tree circle concrete kerb surround also formed by hand.

Hand Formed Concrete Kerb Tree Surround

The concrete kerbing tree circles above, were all hand formed by our experienced operator who has of over 14 years of full-time kerbing experience.

Note: I have seen other less competent and unskilled operators from opposition companies, who have completely botched their attempt at tree circles, and believe me when I say, it really looks terrible!
There is nothing worse than a circle that looks like its all wobbly and uneven.
Would you really want one of these dodgy shapes in your garden?

They say you get what you pay for, and the kerbing industry is a great example of this.

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