As you can see there are more ways to make your garden interesting, rather than having the traditional concrete tree circle.

An interesting shape made with our concrete kerb around a tree


Shapes like these are made by hand, as all the edging machines currently available are incapable of doing a tight radius',
This is when you will find out just how good our skills really are.

Many Kerbing Companies won't attempt anything like the above, and will claim it can't be done.
However as you can plainly see, these shapes are not beyond our skills at Kwik Edging, and you can incorporate them in your garden bed design with confidence.

Please consider us for your next landscape garden project, we are available 7 days a week to have a chat about what you require for your flower bed design, and since we are the ones who manufacture continuous extruded concrete kerbing on site, it really makes sense to contact us first to see if your landscape design come to life using our extruded concrete kerb as your gardens border edge. You will be amazed at what can be achieved with our machine for your garden border, plus you have the added advantage of an operator with 14 years experience in the trade, who can hand form the most difficult of designs if needed to complete your lawn and flower garden edging.

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