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  • Are you fed up with having to consistently redefine your driveway border by hand.
  • Annoyed at the weeds spreading to areas you don't want them.
  • Tired of sweeping the mulch and bark back into the garden beds.
  • Then you are looking at the right kerb product, we have three standard shapes and three commercial ones all suitable for you needs.



If your driveway is made of concrete, gravel, bluestone chips or mixed toppings our concrete kerb will improve its look and functionality for you,

Our completed concrete kerb has been used next to a gravel driveway to form its edging.

Aspendale Gardens  concrete kerb along a gravel driveway.Lysterfield Sth a long driveway using our concrete kerb edging as its border

Kwik Edging Victoria will mix and lay onsite at your property, the best border for your  driveway on the market today.

A driveway made of concrete, gravel, bluestone chips or mixed toppings, are all suitable for our concrete kerb process.

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