A List of Common Questions and Answers about our Kwik Edging continuous extruded concrete kerb

Q. What is Kwik Edging Kerb?

A. Kwik Edging - continuous decorative curb is primarily an extruded concrete product, which is the ideal residential garden kerbing for all your landscaping and lawn needs.

Q. Is the Kwik Edging Expensive?

A. No, it fares extremely well in comparison to other traditional landscape lawn edging and kerbing methods.

Q. How long does it take to lay the decorative curb edging?

A. Most jobs are completed the same day.

Q. Are the Kwik Edging garden borders available in colour?

A. Yes, with many colour combinations to suit your house and lawn, see our colour chart and photos sections.

Q. Can you guarantee the colour will match the colour card?

A. Unfortunately, No.

The final colour is a combination of the cement, your chosen colour, and the sand colour, as well as the finishing methods used will also play a part. Colours usually come out 15-20% lighter than the chosen colour from the card. So the skill of the operator comes into play at this stage.

Q. Does Kwik Edging - decorative garden edging come in different shapes?

A. Yes there are 6 standard borders (Profile) shapes to choose from.

Q. Is Kwik Edging - available in different patterns?

A. Yes there are 10 standard patterns to choose from, plus a cobblestone finish.

Q. Can I get a non standard size?

A. Yes, Kwik Edging - manufacture their own equipment, any size form that can fit into the EdgeMaster can be made upon request. However, it is rarely needed, as our standard sizes have been proven themselves over the years, to be most suitable for continuous edging.

Q. How long will the borders last?

A. Kwik Edging will last for many trouble free years, as its a concrete product.

It is recommended that you reseal your curb at least every 5 years to keep up a fresh appearance of your borders.

Q. Will Kwik Edging Kerb crack and break?

A. All concrete products will crack.

To control this, expansion joints are cut approximately one metre apart, this will minimise most problems.

Q. If I request a Free Quote by eMail, how long will I have to wait before I hear from You?

A. I Monitor my Email accounts Each Day, and should respond to your request within a maximum of 24 hours upon receipt of your Email.

Please Note: Sometimes I may be away for a few days, but will get back to you as soon as possible. if its urgent then phone me.

Q. How long will a Quote take on my property?

A. Each design is unique, but on average about 1/2 an hour to 1 hour depending on complexity of design, and your individual requirements.

Q. Do you Guarantee your work?

A. Yes, we have a code of practise.

Q. What are the different applications for Kwik Edging landscaping extruded Curbing?

A. Kwik Edging concrete landscape border edging can be used to enhance your flower beds and lawn areas, provide a weed barrier, provide erosion control, define landscaped areas by giving an important and neat curb outline to your yard, as well as dramatic contrasts to form, texture, and colour the curbing will bring.

Q. What different types of landscape border edging are there?

A. Landscape edging comes in a variety of materials that include vinyl, plastic, metal, wood, pre-formed modular concrete, brick, stone, and kwik edging extruded concrete.

Q. The children stood on the kerb before it had a chance to dry. Can it be repaired?

A. Yes, simply phone me, and I'll pop over and fix it pronto.

See examples of some edging repair works carried out below on damaged Curbing.


  Domestic landscaping Garden Concrete Curbing Repair  
Concrete Kerb Before Repair

Accidental damage, by over enthusiastic children, walking over the freshly laid kerbing, and forgetting to lift there feet.

As you can see, it is easily repaired

Concrete Kerb After Repair

Before repair   After repair
  Commercial Car Park Kerb Repair  

Concrete Kerb Before Repair

A truck, accidentally ran over a newly laid  section of car park Kerbing a day after it was laid.

Again, as you can see, it too, is easily repaired

Concrete Kerb After Repair

Before repair   After repair


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