A simple and effective idea using Concrete Kerb as your Driveway Edging

If your drive is made using a Gravel base, our concrete kerb is the ideal solution for holding back mulch from the flower and garden beds and stopping the various sizes of pine-bark or garden pebbles from falling onto your drive. It also gives you a nice mowing strip for your motor mower to run along.
As can be seen from our photos below.

Note: Commercial kerbing is catered for, and our kerbing is ideal for adding some prestige to an otherwise mundane landscaping project.

A few photos from our Gallery of completed works.
Note: There are many different finishes available for you to choose from.

This Lysterfiield property used our product for their driveway border

A nice clean line is produced using our Kwik Edging equipment, to finish this driveway.

A nice and easily maintained gravel driveway using a concrete border.


We are now in our 14th year in the concrete kerb business located in Victoria.

We've seen plenty of kerbers come and go over the years, and we intend to be around for quite some time to come.

What we offer is a great service, and an understanding of what needs to be done to produce the best looking gravel driveway edging in your street.

After we finish, you will be both pleased and proud to walk along your gravel driveway and admire its edging. Your friends will see what a difference our concrete driveway edging can make, by transforming your driveway into a beautiful, and practical area of your home. It will be easy to mow your lawn along a defined border edging, this in the long run, will save you time by reducing the need to use the whipper snipper.

Listed below we have our standard shapes, colours, and patterns for you to choose from.

Our Currently Available Concrete Profile Shapes suitable for Gravel Driveway Edging[/b]

Our Available Concrete Kerb Profile Shapes

The larger sizes are normally used in commercial applications

Suitable concrete kerb shapes.
If you can't see the kerb shape your after, drop us an email, and we will give you a quote on getting the required shape made to order for you.

We mainly use DT concrete colour hardeners for our concrete kerb, we will also use other manufacturers colours when necessary, to match as close as we can to your existing coloured concrete.

Our availabale Concrete Colour Chart

With many concrete colours, shapes and patterns to choose from, we can help you make the right decision regarding your driveway and garden edging.
When concrete edging is laid properly and professionally, it will add an air of elegance to the approach of your property, and guests and friends will be impressed with the simply elegant improvement that our concrete kerbing has made to your driveway.

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