A solid concrete lawn edging is really a necessity in this modern day.

This will make your task of mowing your lawn really pleasurable and fast, plus maintaining the garden beds will become a pleasure. Time is something you want to spend the way you want, and not be forced to do menial tasks that take forever and never get done properly.


Units in Dandenong Nth, A solid concrete lawn edging is really a necessity in this modern day

Our extruded concrete kerb is the ideal lawn edging, its quick to lay with minimum damage to your lawn and garden beds. We have many standard colours and patterns to choose from making the task of matching your property and surroundings perfectly. We generally are in and out the same day and leave no mess behind such as waste sand or excess cement. I have even seen other operators pour colour onto the roadside kerbing, the resultant mess can be seen all along the edge of the road.

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