Lawn Edging created with continuous concrete kerb.

What a simple yet elegant way of brightening up the appearance of your lawn area.


Doncaster, concrete garden kerb used to separate the lawn area from the garden beds


Using Kwik Edging continuous extruded concrete kerb as your lawn edging you will not only be the envy of your neighbours, but you will also have more leisure time available to you, as your lawn and garden bed border maintenance is greatly reduced.


This garden bed has a nice size to it, with a flowing concrete garden border edge going to a radius corner so your motor mower will be able to cut the corner more easily making your lawn a lot easier to maintain.
When you see a nice clean garden border it will always enhance the look and appeal of your property, and the addition of some decent lawn edging will help when the time comes to sell.
Our Lawn Edging is not expensive to get done, but will add many dollars to the appeal of your property, and a nice easy to maintain garden and lawn is always a plus when the time comes to sell.

We have quite a few standard concrete lawn edging patterns to choose from.


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