The Sloping Border is the most popular lawn edging shape we have.

It is suitable 90% of the time, and produces the perfect mowing strip that’s easy to follow with your motor mower. I personally seldom use a whipper snipper as the concrete edging does a great job of keep in the lawn area separate from your garden beds.

Our process is quite simple.

Our machinery is designed to dig the initial trench to the correct depth, this helps speed up the process of prepping the ground, and in doing so, helps us reduce the overall cost to you. Our Concrete is also mixed on-site, this helps ensure the quality and integrity of the finished product. Then its hand finished in a variety of shapes, colours and patterns to suite your property.


Our Continuous Concrete Lawn Edging available shapes.

We have 5 standard shapes to choose from.

Standard Concrete Profile Shapes the 90mm are all suitabe as lawn edging.


Our Sloping Border Shape running along a path.

In this example below you can easily see how the mulch, or decorative stones will be held back by the concrete border.
A simple yet elegant coloured concrete strip makes all the difference as seen in the photo below.


 We take great care in keeping the work-site clean and will take away any excess sand from the job-site, unless you want it, (then we will sweep any excess sand into an easily managed pile for you). We also leave you with some empty bags so you can pick up any excess concrete and pop it into them for easy disposal.

We look forward to working for you soon.

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