This garden is a not your usual run of the mill garden, this property utilizes a small footbridge directly incorporated into the landscape design to show off the full potential of the flowers in the garden bed, its clever design is using our concrete edging and the small bridge to perfection.

Some imagination for your flower garden bed edging is all that is needed to create a beautiful landscape setting.


An entrance to a small bridge using our Concrete Garden Edging as its border.

We recommend you use our continuous concrete decorative kerb, to create that tranquil and restful appearance around your landscaped garden.
Its always amazes me as to how many variations of flower beds and different garden layouts that are possible, a good landscaper can bring the best of these features to the forefront, with a simple and elegant workable design.

I honestly can say, I haven’t seen too many gardens with a bridge as its feature, but our concrete flower bed edging fits in quite nicely with this concept.
A nice clean edge running alongside a formal gravel driveway, and our concrete kerbing is used for the border between the existing garden bed, and the gravel driveway.
As a side note, It must be rather delightful to stand on that footbridge and look out over your flowers and shrubs on your property.

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