Concrete edging for your flower garden makes for a beautiful lawn setting.

We pride ourselves on making some of the best extruded concrete landscape edging available on the market today and for the last 14 years we have many satisfied customers who now have beautiful gardens with our concrete edging as its border.

Our concrete kerb for your flower garden landscape edging

As you can see from above how nice and neat our concrete kerb looks in a suburban garden setting.
The lawn area is clearly separate to the garden area, which will make maintaining the lawn and garden areas extremely easy with the minimum of time needed to keep them looking pristine.

Concrete kerb used as landscape edging for your flower garden

Another view of the same property showing our landscape garden edging at its best, we changed the original landscape layout of the garden which went around tree in the middle ,making it hard to use the motor mower and the street side had very little grass anyway. The landscape garden edging used is made of our extruded concrete kerb, a sloping border shape and gunmetal grey with a slate finish and cobblestone line spacing has made a vast improvement to this Melbourne suburb property.

Why not call or Email us and see what improvements we could make in the landscape design of your garden using Kwik Edging Concrete Kerb.



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