This is a fascinating question, I'll try to pop a few answers below for you to read and make your own decision as to whether it's a good idea or not..

Some Benefits in favour of, are listed below.

  1. A Neat and tidy concrete edge, that will last for many trouble free years.
  2. A Flowing Landscape Garden Edge that easily follows the contours of your lawn and garden areas.
  3. A selection of Three standard shapes to choose from, plus Three larger commercial sizes.
  4. Many different Concrete Colours and Combinations of Colour to suit your home and lifestyle.
  5. Ten Standard Patterns that can be applied to the wet concrete kerb for both the standard 90mm high, to the 150mm high Commercial curb..
  6. You can alter your existing landscape layout quite easily, and add new sections of kerb to alter your design as required.
  7. Curbing has Extremely Low Maintenance required to keep it looking good..
  8. Well defined lines to mow along, that will save you time by not having to get the whipper snipper each week.
  9. A decorative concrete border that doesn’t look out of place.


I believe the above picture sums up the answer quite nicely, don't you?


The Simplest of Landscape Design is often the best.

Our main aim is to blend our concrete curb in to your existing landscape, and produce a nice clean line that separates your lawn area, from your flower beds of your property while at the same time not making it to obvious and look out of place. We can achieve this by using colours and patterns that can be applied to the cement while it is still wet.

Landscape Edging at its Best.

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