An existing lawn and garden can have a new lease of life with the addition of good lawn edging.

Front-yard or Backyard lawn edging may simply be the act of creating a border for your a garden, but there is no reason for it to look shabby.

If a new garden is to be created, its best to pre-plan it in advance, to allow for the growth of your selected plants.
First test the lay out of your border edge using string, or a flexible plastic garden hose, viewing it from a number of different angles, you can make easily do any adjustments you deem necessary. It is much easier to get the border between your garden and lawn right at this stage, rather than after its laid.

You could easily do it yourself, by digging a trench of uniform width and depth along the entire lawn area being edged, by using a shovel and hoe (Rather backbreaking work if your not fit). The dug up soil can of cause be used for potted plants or it can be combined together with existing soil to create a raised bed, or perhaps added current flowerbeds to help replenish the esisting topsoil.

Should I use a Professional Landscaper?

While it is easier to employ a professional landscaper rather than do lawn edging all on your own, you can save much more money. You can give your lawn a specialist look by using a little research about it and applying it. There are some things that you must consider when scouting for an edging material. This would include its simplicity, durability, price and exactly how well they fit with all the landscape that you just already have. Also, different models of materials are created available such stones, bricks, plastic and metals.

poly plastic edging

Plastic lawn edging

Plastic lawn edging may be a cheap option, but has a tendency to look shabby very quickly.

jarrah edging

Strips of Jarrah or other timber varieties

Timber strips of Jarrah or other timber varieties will warp, and eventually rot away allowing the mulch to fall onto your lawn area (You will constantly be picking it up, and placing it back onto your garden beds.)

steel edging

Aluminium or Steel

You may also opt for aluminium or steel edging if you'd like materials which can be a lot more durable. Yet, steel materials have sharp edges. You may accidentally hit the edging if you use a motor mower. Some components of steel may fly off and cause harm. Over time, steel will also rust. Maybe it is best to use the aluminium variety instead if you want a metal look.


Bricks, or Stone

The use of bricks, or stone, can also be a DIY project, this could also turn out to be quite expensive, and require a good deal of hard work on your behalf. (You can always get a professional to complete this task if you find it too hard.)

Concrete lawn edging (The Best Solution)

Professionally laid concrete curb is rapidly being selected as the most popular method for lawn edges and gravel pathway borders..
Its flexible nature, allows conforming to the curves of your lawns easily, it will last much longer, be neater in appearance , and IMPORTANTLY be cheaper in the long run.


Lawn Care

In caring for your lawn, it is very important determine what your schedule are usually in repairing your lawn. This schedule should go from spring to fall, or all year long in case you are lucky enough to get have this kind of climate. Mowing, watering, and fertilizing ought to be as part of your schedule.

Dogs and other pets

If you have dogs or another animals, this is detrimental for a lawn's over-all health. You should make sure you know what your plan will likely be regarding your pet or pets. If you will allowed them to run free within your lawn, you'll obviously need to do more to make certain your lawn is healthy than unless you allowed them to run free in your lawn.

Scatter food attracts your dog?s natural instinct to forage. Dogs enjoy looking for food in the grass and may literally spend hours the process. Scatter a variety of foods, pieces of raw vegetables, dog kibble, as well as other foods that won't attract wasps around the yard if you leave. Try hiding a couple of treats, which means your dog spends additional time seeking them

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