A continuous concrete border will be pretty hard to beat as your garden edging.

The use of coloured and patterned concrete is extremely attractive and durable, and will give any garden landscape setting a boost in appreciation by people walking by, if its in located in your front yard, as this part of your property is a statement to the world.

A few Benefits of having Great Looking Flower Beds.

  • Gone is the need of time consuming maintenance, digging a small trench to use as your garden border will be no longer needed.
  • Weeds will have a small barrier placed in their way which will make them easy to control, any grass runners are quickly identified and can be removed with either whipper snipper or by hand.
  • Your garden mulch will have a defined and raised area to retain it, and stop it from falling from your flower beds onto your lawn area.
  • Mowing your lawn will be quicker as you have a nicely defined mowing strip to follow.
  • A permanent concrete edge, will give you more leisure time to spend on the more important things you like.

Added Resale Value to your Property.

By having nicely maintained and neat looking flower beds, this is a definite plus when it comes to adding resale value to your property. At Kwik Edging we have laid concrete kerbing on quite a few places in the last 14 years we have been operating as a business, and expect to do many more properties in the future.

We have also worked on houses that are on the market for sale already, with the intention of adding street appeal to the front yard, and help get a faster sale. The difference is quite amazing to before and after views of these properties


it is hard to see the Lawn Border from the Garden Area

Endeavour Hills Property Before

After The Garden Border Edging is clearly defined

Endeavour Hills Property After

As can be plainly seen by the above images, the results of having a nice lawn and flower garden border can really make a big difference to the street appeal of your home.

We look forward to working for you soon.

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