Adding Concrete Landscape Edging Is really Fantastic Look For Any Property

Most property owners have the outside appearance of their residence in the uppermost list of things to do and maintenance that must be done.

The to do list includes having the best looking lawn and flower garden in the street.

And lets not forget that your Municipal Council always like to beautify the outside of otherwise dull and boring buildings they posses, in order to make you feel better, and enjoy your visit with them and what better way than by having concrete garden edging as a main feature to the entrance and grounds area.

To add a deftness of style to any location, garden edging provides dramatic enhancement and also has the ability to genuinely be good for the space at the same time.


Adding a Landscape Edging Is really Fantastic Look For Any Property

The artistic skills required to produce a fabulous concrete landscape edging is without a doubt, the secret to getting the desired aesthetic impact your looking for. We have 15 years of experience in getting it right the first time, every time .

There are many different colours and Patterns available, ranging from the typical concrete look right through to our coloured and patterned kerbing. You have three standard shapes for domestic gardens and three lager commercial shapes to choose from. The high mpa rating obtained with our kerb makes it an ideal choice, we can further enhance its strength with the use of fibre mesh (chopped fibreglass threads) or the traditional steel rebar if required.

One major advantage of concrete as a garden edge over its rival counterparts such as Steel, Timber, Plastic is that each of these will either rot, rust, or deteriorate over time.

Our garden edging is installed in one continuous, unbroken line to further improve the aesthetics of it. Plus, by adding a colour over the top of it, and applying a pattern of your choice, you will be able to blend it to suit all your landscaping requirements and designs.

All of these patterns are actually finished off manually and add beauty  to the finished garden edging, they can also be ran alongside paths or even concrete driveways to complete the well maintained appearance.

One of the things we pride ourselves in, is the site clean-up at the end of the job. You will hardly know we were there.

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